Presswork & Sub-Assemblies

Pressword and Sub-Assemblies

At JT Adams (Springs) Ltd. we offer bespoke metal presswork and sub-assembly services to suit your requirements. Our pressshop attain some of the best in the presswork in the trade and we can guarantee we will be able to produce fantastic results whatever your requirements.

We work with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so whatever your product requirement we have the materials and expert knowledge to meet your demand.

Metal presswork extends into all ranges of industrial and domestic areas; from construction to cutlery, artificial jewellery to airplane components. Our pressworkers are experts in all areas of non-ferrous and ferrous metal presswork, so you can be rest assured that whatever your product requirements  JT Adams (Springs) Ltd. will meet and surpass them.

Our presswork capacity is up to 35 tons, with sub-assemblies taken on upon initial consultation.